Wednesday, December 24, 2008


I've had some really nice reactions thus far to my story,
"Christmas With The Beetles," which is in the DC Universe Holiday Special 2008.

"'Christmas with the Beetles' tells a comparatively clever tale spanning the careers of all three Blue Beetles, as they come up against three generations of a family that has trouble walking the straight and narrow. It captures the heroes' different personalities and style, and offers hope that even the most pathetic can change their lives."

One of the posts in the Blue Beetle section of DC Comics' boards said, "The Blue Beetle story was good. They should have done something like this every 10 issues or so of Jaimes book. Kinda like the 'Times Past' stories of the Starman book." (Okay, that's pretty high praise in my book. I loved those issues of Starman.)

There have been some other nice posts, too, and even a few that took some digs at the book seemed to like the story. I normally don't worry about such things (I've ever done my work correctly or failed long before anyone sees it), but since it's my first DC work, I actually read some reviews. Never again, but at least they were enjoyable the one time I did read reviews!

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