Wednesday, December 24, 2008


When folks talk about it being particularly sad to lose a loved one during the holidays, I've always understood it on an intellectual level. Now, of course, I understand it on a visceral level, but even if my dad hadn't passed away a couple weeks ago -- say it had been a few months back -- it would still be hard. It's my first Christmas without him, and regardless, Christmas was his birthday.

And plain and simple, it was going to be hard for me no matter when it happened.

That said, you can't believe what I believe about where he is and be downcast all of the time. It just doesn't work. My sadness is reserved for those of us missing him, not actually for him. He no longer needs a walker, and he's walking in truly superb company.

Again, thanks to all of my friends for listening to me during this time.

Photo: My dad, Jim Vaughn, in his USAF days.

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