Wednesday, December 09, 2009


I had a blast at the Virigina Comic-Con! I sat next to my pal Jim Kuhoric, who has written a ton of Army of Darkness and other horror comics (including his own Dead Irons), but he had people stopping by left and right to see the cover art from his new book, The Legendary Talespinners. It's in Previews right now, so check it out.

Jim Kuhoric

Xena. Don't mess with her.

Jim and I hosted a panel on working on license properties.

Elijah Pipkin entered the costume contest as me. It's an outrage that he didn't win!

My pal Alex Saviuk was there and it was great to get to hang out with him. We're hoping to work together in 2010. He still inks the Amazing Spider-Man daily strip and draws the Spidey Sunday page.

Artist Mark McKenna, who is another really nice guy on top of being so talented. It's always cool when guys whose work you like turn out to be awesome people.

Brett Carreras, co-promoter of the show, was a great host with his staff, friends and family!

It was also very cool to get to meet writer Chuck Dixon after years of having friends in common!

Here I am with a new fan whose name of course I lost. We sold copies of Zombie-Proof, Shi: Ju-Nen, the 24 Omnibus, Antiques: The Comic Strip and more. It was a fun show supported by great fans, most of whom seemed really happy to have a good comic show in their hometown. I'm definitely looking forward to them putting on another one so I can go back!

Thanks to Mike Solof for the great pictures!