Tuesday, December 27, 2011

VAMPIRE, PA Limited Edition Hardcover NOW AVAILABLE!

Finally! The Vampire, PA limited edition hardcover is now available!

Vampires in suburbia? Dean Marklin didn’t believe in vampires until a beautiful one tried to kill him! Now he’s a vampire hunter trying to hold onto what’s left of normal life. How do you think that’s working out for him?

Written by J.C. Vaughn, illustrated by Brendon Fraim and Brian Fraim, with color art and cover by Mark Wheatley, this new limited edition hardcover collects Moonstone’s three-issue Vampire, PA mini-series, bonus story pages, and the prose short story that inspired it, from the writer of Zombie-Proof and Bedtime Stories for Impressionable Children. Visit Western Pennsylvania’s oddly vampire-rich environment!


Getting into the holiday spirit, on Thursday, December 22, Rosina and I hosted Jim Shooter, Debbie Fix, JayJay Jackson and her partner Freddy, Adam Philips and his wife Julia Roberts, Joe James and his wife Yamilca, and my pal Rob Miller at Rosa Mexicano on East 18th Street in Manhattan.

It was a blast! Mr. Shooter even wrote about it over on his blog today. More photos there, too!