Sunday, November 30, 2008


6. I'm not even mentioning the title. It doesn't bother me, even if I don't know what a Quantum of Solace is. I mean, I have a screenplay called Desperate Fences, so who am I to talk?

5. One of the least memorable actors to ever play a Bond villain.

4. Lackluster cinematography. It's Bond. The location-hopping is supposed to be part of the experience. It was boring.

3. No Moneypenny. Why? This can't be something they're building up to, can it?

2. Horrible, horrible action sequence direction. Everything is in close-up in lieu of being actually, oh, I don't know... any good? Pathetic. This from the same guy who directed the stunning action scene in Casino Royale with the spectacular fight in the construction scene and atop the crane?

1. Probably the worst Bond theme song ever. I mean, we're talking worse than Moonraker, License to Kill, The World Is Not Enough and Die Another Day. Think about what I'm saying here. They should have just used "I Know Your Name" from Casino Royale over again until they came up with something acceptable. Alicia Keys? Wasn't Wayne Newton available?

This is not to say I hated the film. I think most everyone gave excellent performances. The screenplay and story were fine. This one rests squarely in the director's lap. The financial success means the producers and/or the studio are less than likely to learn the lessons that need to be learned at that Casino Royale will remain the high water mark of the series. Too bad.

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