Wednesday, November 26, 2008

New, Free Superhero Film Online: THE LEAGUE

I wrote this for today's edition of Scoop, but I'm really taken with the project and want to continue spreading the word, so here ya go:

What if superheroes formed a union at the end of the Golden Age? This bizarre question is the underpinning of a new project from filmmakers Kyle Higgins and Alec Siegel. The duo has just announced the completion of The League, a brand new superhero noir short film.

The film can be viewed free of charge in High Definition at online at

Produced under the banners of Windy City Pictures and the Dodge College of Film and Media Arts, The League was mentored by acclaimed writer-director Tom Mankiewicz (Superman, Diamonds are Forever, Dragnet), and was created as a thesis film for Chapman University.

The plot centers around the 1946 formation of The League of Heroes in Chicago, which gives the country its first ever Superhero Labor Union. Founded by The Gray Raven, his kid sidekick Sparrow, and the amazing Blue Blaze, The League of Heroes gave the heroes real status with the police and the community. After 20 years, they’re about to expand nationally when an old foe shows up on the scene.

The poster for The League was illustrated with features artwork by outstanding comic book creator Eric Wight (Justice League of America, The Escapist, My Dead Girlfriend), who also notably provided art for the TV series The OC.

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