Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Atlas, The Second Time Around

Recently I had the opportunity to revisit "Atlas, The Second Time Around," a feature I had written several years ago for Comic Book Marketplace with fellow contributors Mike Wilbur and Michael Naiman.

Besides the fact that it received a tremendously larger audience in Scoop compared with CBM's miniscule circulation, it was great to get the chance to correct some of the problems with my feature that I discovered only in the years after it was published.

The bulk of the article, though, wasn't changed. The descriptions of all the titles in the Atlas-Seaboard line (the part on which I collaborated with Mike and Michael the most) are pretty much as they were originally, minus an editorial comment or two we always thought inappropriate.

At any rate, if you want to read about an odd bit of comics history including Neal Adams, Larry Hama, LarryLieber, Jeff Rovin, Martin Goodman, Howard Chaykin, and many others, by all means check out the Scoop archives or click here.

We've had some really nice comments on it, too!

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