Friday, June 01, 2007


24: Nightfall is a prequel to the ongoing hit Fox television series. Before the clock started ticking on season one, Jack Bauer was the head of an elite Special Forces team sent to take down the mass-murder, Victor Drazen in the war-torn former Yugoslavia. Events quickly spiral out of control, as the hunters become the hunted and the truth behind the pivotal Operation: Nightfall is revealed.

The new 24: Nightfall trade paperback from IDW Publishing is featured in the June 2007 PREVIEWS from Diamond Comic Distributors. The new book collects the five-part series I co-wrote with Mark L. Haynes, with pencils and inks by Jean Diaz.
"IDW Publishing and its talented team takes the 24 fans to a place before the series begins- and the writers continue to deliver on the taut, engaging and almost addictive quality of 24 in this creative iteration. If you're a fan of the televison series 24- then this prequel will satisfy beyond expectations," Michael Peikoff, Vice-President 20th Century Fox Licensing & Merchandising, said upon last Fall's release of the mini-series featured in this collection.

Read the story that Fanboy TV's Oliver Tull described as "Power Jack Bauer!"

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