Wednesday, July 26, 2006


At the bottom of the main page I've added four daily comic strips. Here's the line-up:

THE CHELATION KID by Robert Tinnell and Craig Taillefer.
All-new series. Really passionate, powerful stuff from Bob Tinnell.

AMERICA, JR. by Todd Livingston, Nick Capetanakis and Brendon & Brian Fraim.
A great new comedy with art by my Antiques: The Comic Strip collaborators!

CRYPTOZOO CREW by Allan Gross and Jerry Carr.
I think this strip is in re-runs, but it's still fun. NBM has issued two trade paperbacks of this light-hearted series. Check them out!

DOCTOR CYBORG by Allan Gross, Mike Avon Oeming and John Staton.
In re-runs, but Allan has packed so much conspiracy theory into it that it takes a couple times through to catch most of it...

Just scroll all the way down to check them out.

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