Monday, July 24, 2006


As a writer of the 24 comic book and a big fan of the series, Saturday night at Comic-Con in San Diego turned out to be really cool for me personally.

Greg Itzin, the Emmy-nominated actor (for Best Supporting Actor in this year's Emmy awards) known for his startling work as President Charles Logan in Season 4 and Season 5, joined us for dinner. The "us" included in his lovely wife, Judie, and Robert Tinnell (Eisner-nomiated writer of Feast of the Seven Fishes), Shannon Tinnell (Bob's incredibly cool wife), the great Alex Saviuk (Amazing Spider-Man daily and Sunday strips, among many other projects), Bob's Sight Unseen collaborator (and another great artist) Bo Hampton, the incredibly cool Gloria Fan from Mosiac Media Group, my 24 co-writer Mark Haynes, and me.

We went to the tres trendy Osetra (The Fishhouse) restaurant in the Gaslamp district (or at least near it) and had a superb meal, wonderful conversation and an all-around good time.

It's really cool to meet good people, and it's even better when you arleady like their work.

And there was this weird contraption that allowed a lady there to fly up the two-story tall wine rack... and grab bottles and come down safely. Neat, but also an odd surprise the first time she "took off" while we were seated at the bar, waiting for our table.

Great place to eat. The food was excellent, so check it out if you're so inclined.

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