Monday, July 24, 2006

Comic-Con Follow-Up: MORE 24 COMICS

24: NIGHTFALL is the first comic book mini-series based on the hit Fox TV show. Following the success of the three one-shot graphic novels, this new series is the first one in the standard 32-page regular comic book format (monthly, $3.99).

It's written by Mark L. Haynes (Mindfield) and yours truly, and we're really excited to have lots of space to tell what we think is a really solid, cool story in the world of Jack Bauer.

24: Nightfall #1 is set for the September 2006 PREVIEWS, and on sale in November. If you're a retailer, please remember this isn't the old 48-page format and you should increase your orders correspondingly. If you're a fan or a friend, please remember to tell your retailer to order this book for you.


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