Friday, August 12, 2011


When we first started working on the Zombie-Proof story "Zombie Zoo," it was going to be an annual with different artists illustrating different chapters. The only part that worked out -- no surprise to anyone who has worked with them -- was the chapter supplied by Brendan & Brian Fraim, my artists on Vampire, PA and my abele collaborators on other projects, most notably Antiques: The Comic Strip.

Another frequent partner in crime, Gene Gonzales, posed for reference photos for the gruesome death at the hands (paws, actually) of the zombie chihuahuas. Here's one of the great pages by the Fraims. You'll see others in the Zombie-Proof collected edition when that eventually happens (it's getting very close now).

While we changed a bit of the pacing, you'll see we used the same "camera" direction and similar pacing with my Zombie-Proof co-creator Vincent Spencer took his take on this scene (see previous blog entry).

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