Monday, January 26, 2015


What makes the best comic book covers? Each week I tackle that topic in a fun way in a Scoop column called... wait for it... Cover Story.

It’s a great topic for debate. For us as individuals there is no wrong answer, of course. It’s purely subjective. But with a little thought it is frequently possible to explain what it is about a particular image that grabs you. The best ones are the ones that make you stop and check out something you weren’t previously going to purchase – and in some cases, you even end up picking up a title you’ve never even heard of before.

Among the ones I've detailed lately are The Falcon #1The Maze Agency #7, Nathaniel Dusk II #1, Doctor Mid-Nite #1, The Avengers #200, Manhunter #1, Somerset Holmes #1, and Jezebel Jade #1, among others.

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