Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Vampire, PA#2 (Cover A) by Brendon and Brian Fraim. Not only is it the second issue of our three-issue mini-series from Moonstone Books, it also touts the return of Zombie-Proof in the form of a back-up feature by Vincent Spencer and me.

Updates: The art for the lead story for Vampire, PA #2 is already being colored and lettered. The back-up story is being drawn. I'm at work on the script for the lead story in #3. There are two Zombie-Proof back-ups in that one. The script for one is already finished, and the art for the second is done. So, things are progressing nicely.

Vampire, PA #2 will be in the June 2010 Previews from Diamond Comic Distributors. It will be on sale in August 2010. More to come...soon!

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