Sunday, June 07, 2009


From TwoMorrows Publishing

Experience a “New World Order” in Back Issue #34, featuring the soul-searching story of Counter-Earth’s Adam Warlock, with Jim Starlin and Roy Thomas, and the behind-the-scenes history of the revolutionary Marvelman, with Alan Davis and Garry Leach. Also, Jim Shooter stands tall in an exclusive interview and we look back at Marvel’s New Universe. Plus: Logan’s Run, Star Hunters, Bob Wiacek on Star Wars and Star-Lord, the conclusion of the Steve Skeates interview, a new AA COMICS chapter, Dick Giordano and Pat Bastienne revisit Crisis on Infinite Earths, and “The Post-Crisis DC Universe You Didn’t See”! Contributors include Gerry Conway, Tom Defalco, David Michelinie, Paul Ryan, and more. All behind an incredibly cosmic Warlock and Thanos cover illustrated by Jim Starlin! Edited by Michael Eury.

I'm very happy to finally be contributing to this outstanding publication on comics history. Michael Eury has done a mindboggling job of finding enthusiastic writers to provide articles about a very wide range of subjects from my favorite era of comics. Just the day before this issue arrived, I wondered if anyone could be the inside view on Star Hunters, and then suddenly here it is!

My article on Jim Shooter is derived from one part of a lengthy interview he and I are working ourselves through, and this portion of it is something that I can't recall Jim commenting on before. I hope you'll take a look. Thanks.

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