Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Moonstone Books will unleash Zombie-Proof #1, the first issue of a three-issue, bi-monthly mini-series in September 2007.

For 20 years, the denizens of San Rosina, Texas have thought locksmith Billy Bob Driwahl was at least a little crazy because he offered the rather unusual service of "zombie-proofing" in his Yellow Pages ad. Now that the world's being overrun by zombies, though, and he's ready for them... but how did he know beforehand? 30 pages of story!
The zombies are coming. Billy Bob Driwahl, the only locksmith in the isolated town of San Rosina in far west Texas knows they’re coming. In fact, he’s known since before he graduated high school 20 years ago. His mistake might have been trying to tell people.
Since then, the town’s been divided into two groups. There are the folks who think he’s plain crazy, and there are the other folks who think he’s plain crazy but realize that he does good work and is, after all, the only locksmith in town. Then the civilized world starts to collapse. What happens to the good old boys in this rural town when the big cities are tearing themselves to pieces? Zombie-Proof has the answers. And some of them are sort of funny.

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