Monday, August 07, 2006

THE WICKED WEST Returns in the new Graphic Novel THE WICKED WEST 2

Published by Image Comics
Last we saw Cotton Coleridge, he'd traded in his six-guns for stakes when he fought a frontier town full of vampires. This time around the lightning rod for the supernatural faces zombies, ghosts, resurrectionists, giant flies, carnivorous slugs, demons and lots o' pure evil!

Anchored by the Todd Livingston, Robert Tinnell & Neil Vokes novella, "Abomination," the book features stories from the likes of Mike Baron, Mike Oeming, David Michael Beck, Mark Ricketts, Mike Hawthorne, Tommy Castillo, and others.

It also features two stories by yours truly (see two additional entries below) along with John K. Snyder III and Gene Gonzales.

And as for the original...

Published by Image Comics
Here's how Mssrs. Livingston, Tinnell & Vokes described the original graphic novel prior to its release: Imagine the Outlaw Josey Wales riding into Salem’s Lot – that’ll get you to the core of The Wicked West. 1870 - The Texas frontier town of Javer’s Tanks. Cotton Coleridge is a man running from his past. And being new in town, he’s the one locals blame when folks start dyin’ mysteriously. By the time the truth gets out, half the town has died - and come back. Cotton’s quick with a gun – but guns don’t work on vampires!

It was picked by Scoop as the Best Trade Paperback of 2004.

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