Monday, June 19, 2006

Twenty-First Century Romances

The trade paperback edition of Twenty-First Century Romances is scheduled for the first week of February 2007, just in time for Valentines Day. The trade will include everything from the first issue (released at the Pittsburgh Comic-Con 2005) and a whole lot more!

Mark Ricketts (Nowheresville) and Micah Farritor (The Living and the Dead), who just teamed for the amazing Image Comics graphic novel Night Trippers, have already turned in "Renee," an amazing short story.

Matt Anderson and Leanne Buckley, who've also already turned in their story, are relative newcomers, but I bet you'll be impressed with "The Fall" (and I bet it's not the last you hear of either of these two).

Chris Chua (Liquid Fury) did a fantastic job with "The Best of Times," a story from my McCandless & Company trade paperback. It'll be included with this trade, too.

Likewise, the stories from the first issue: Todd Livingston & Robert Tinnell (The Wicked West, The Black Forest) wrote "Backstage Love, which Ben Dale (SFPD) illustrated, Andrew Sands (Zacherly's Midnight Terrors) and Joanna Estep (Road Song) combined their talents on "All of My Ex-Boyfriends Are Monsters...Really!" and I teamed up with Traci Spenser for "Dreaming with Mary Sutherland," based on my short story.

We will also have contributions from my 24 co-writer Mark L. Haynes and former Gemstone Publishing Editor (and now Curator of Geppi's Entertainment Museum) Arnold T. Blumberg and his wife, Stephanie Crawford.

And more! Stay tuned!

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