Sunday, November 06, 2005

Century Comics Visits Crime Scenes

Century Comics - On Sale February 2006
$17.95 U.S. - 144 Pages - Soft CoverColor cover, Black & White interior
Featured in the December 2005 edition of PREVIEWS from Diamond Comic Distributors - item #DEC052914.

By J.C. Vaughn (co-writer of IDW's 24 and Dark Horse's Shi: Ju-Nen), illustrated by Gene Gonzales (Tales of the Cherokee), Matt Busch (Star Wars) & Shawn Sheehan, Ben Dale (SFPD), Harry Roland (Trying Times), and Chris Chua (Liquid Fury), with pin-ups by Michael Avon Oeming (Powers, Thor), Mark Wheatley (Mars, Breathtaker), Robert Hack (86 Voltz), Billy Tucci (Shi), Gonzales, Busch & Sheehan. Cover by Amanda Conner & Jimmy Palmiotti (JSA Classified).

About CRIME SCENES: Carey McCandless comes from wealth and privilege. Jessica Williams earned everything herself. Tired of being tokens at a major firm, these best friends start their own detective agency… and the ride begins! Crime Scenes collects the previously published McCandless & Company graphic novel and adds in four new short stories, a new feature-length story, and pin-ups by some of the top names in comics.

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